Dwayne Johnson helped Jeffrey Dean Morgan with green screen acting

Dwayne Johnson was a big help for Jeffrey Dean Morgan while filming 'Rampage'

The modern filmmaking is all about the green screen. The screen, to be honest, can also be blue, but one thing is not changing - actors must face shapeless objects and act like they are surrounded by the real scenery, and even act like they are addressing to the real person or a being, that will be added later, in the post-production.

For actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan that was a very hard thing to do, as he is not that cool with the technique.

Morgan is famous for his role in the hit TV series The Walking Dead (2016-2018) and for his big screen efforts Watchmen (2009), The Losers (2010) and Red Dawn (2012).

He is starring in this year's action adventure about big, mutated animals that are rampaging through the cities of North America - Rampage (2018).

Find out how Dwayne The Rock Johnson helped Morgan overcome his fear of the green screen, and click on the video above!

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