Blake Lively says she was bullied when she was little

Blake Lively was apparently teased as a child for being blonde and tall and she used to get called ‘Big Bird’ by the other kids at school.

Just a couple of days ago, Hugh Jackman defended the 10-year-old girl via YouTube, because she was bullied by some of her classmates.

Now, we have another A-list star speaking about the everlasting problem that is always pushed under a rug - bullying.

Blake Lively shared a story from her youth, about how she was mocked by other kids, because of her looks.

She was tall and had long blonde hair - just like now - and the other kids used to call her Big Bird.

Lively survived through her childhood, becoming one of the most talented actresses on the world, but that harsh words are following her even now.

Blake was filming an appearance on Sesame Street, when she remembered it all, and she used her social media to talk about the subject.

Lively will appear as herself in Sesame Street, and she will star in the upcoming movies A Simple Favor (2018) and The Rhythm Section (2019).

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