Kanye West is writing a philosophy book

Kanye West has recently offered up excerpts from his new philosophy book on Twitter.

Kanye West is writing a philosophy book, in real time, on Twitter, whenever he wants it, how he wants it.

That is the main reason he is not going to a publicist - he wants to write as many pages as he needs, using words and style he wants.

West is bored with all that talk about his art, and he just wants to make art, that is not compromised with other people's opinions.

Kanye announced his new writing plans on twitter, and immediately posted some parts of his new book, as he calls it.

His philosophy seems quite simple. Here is an example: often people working with the existing consciousness are jealous of those who are more in touch and they become hard-core capitalist in hopes of creating the illusion that the value of money is worth more than the value of time and friends...

Is this Kanye's ironical approach to himself, or is he real about the whole thing, we don't know. But you can tell us what you think about West's book! So hit the comments below!

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