Dwayne Johnson gives his fan a special screening of 'Rampage'

Dwayne Johnson sure knows how to make someone’s day and he’s made an extra special treat for a fan by renting an entire movie theatre for her and her friends and family to watch a special screening of his latest movie ‘Rampage’.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson surely doesn't have a heart of a rock, because he is always surprising us with numerous good deeds that he does for his family members, and his fans.

Latest good guy situation came just the other day, when The Rock decided to make a exclusive screening for one of his fans.

The fan was accompanied with her friends and family in the movie theater that Johnson rented just for them!

His newest action-packed movie Rampage (2018) just hit the theaters, and it is standing strong at the box office.

Rampage (2018) is about a giant genetically enhanced animals that are storming through the cities of North America. The only man that can stop them is Johnson's character, Davis Okoye.

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    such nice guy... :)))

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