Charlize Theron speaks about gaining weight for 'Tully'

The film ‘Tully’ has just premiered in LA. The comedy drama is about a woman called Marlo who is the mother of three children including a new born, and gifted a nanny by her brother to help who goes by the name of, you guessed it, ‘Tully’.

Theron was almost unrecognizable in Monster (2003), and now she has done it again, gaining 50 pounds for her recent role in Tully (2018).

Charlize Theron changes her appearance a lot for her movie roles, but those are almost always cosmetic, outside changes that are more a part of the makeup department than Theron's effort.

In Tully (2018) Theron portrays Marlo, a single mom that has very little time for herself, raising three children and a newborn. Her life changes when her brother pays for a night nanny - Tully. Tully is extravagant, and Marlo would have to make an effort to bond with her.

Diablo Cody wrote the script for Tully (2018) and Jason Reitman directed it. Tully is played by the 30-year-old actress Mackenzie Davis.

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  1. gregory
    even with few more pounds she still looks amazing and sexy...

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