Kanye West wants his music in a 'Deadpool' movie

Kanye West is apparently a huge fan of the 'Deadpool' franchise, so much so that he says he'd love to have his music used for a film featuring the Marvel antihero.

West used his Twitter account to say how much does he love Deadpool movies. He wrote: I love both Deadpool movies (some fire emojis) I heard tracks in it that sound similar to mine... bro I would have cleared my music for Deadpool...

Kanye then added this in another Tweet: your guys writing and approach is so innovative... I love how you guys break the 4th wall... thank you for being innovative and please know I'm down to clear next time.

Ryan Reynolds, who is actually Deadpool in real life too, had a perfect comment for Kanye's wishes. Reynolds responded with his Tweet: Agree. I'm having a word with Celine Dion.

If you don't know, Dion's song Ashes was used in Deadpool 2 (2018), as well as some other nostalgic tunes.


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  1. xeraz
    would be really awesome!!!
  2. vaxz
    gimme a break pls ...
  3. Teddy
    ahahahahaha :D

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