Denzel Washington will direct a war-drama movie

Although he's nominated for his performance in R'oman J. Israel, Esq', Denzel Washington isn't waiting to find out if he won before pushing forward with his career, as the star is already planning his next movie, although he's set to take the director's seat for 'A Journal For Jordan'.

Denzel Washington is just one of those men that is unstoppable. He was just nominated (again!) for the Academy Award for his performance in Roman J. Israel, Esq. (2017), and he is working hard on his next role in The Equalizer 2 (2018).

But he doesn't stop there!

Washington is preparing to direct his next movie A Journal for Jordan.

Way back in 2005, one Charles Monroe King was writing a journal for his new born son. King was a First Sergeant in Iraq, and he was fearing that he wouldn't make it home, to see his son. Unfortunately, he was killed in 2006. His wife Dana Canedy wrote a book, that is based on King's journal - A Journal for Jordan.

Virgil Williams will adapt this book into a feature length movie, which will be directed by Denzel Washington.

Journal for Jordan is still in the development, but when we find out more news, you will be the first one to know them!

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