Steven Soderbergh is sure about the future of the movies

Longtime indie cinema champion Steven Soderbergh attended the Berlin Film Festival recently, and screened his new movie 'Unsane', a horror film about a woman who may or may not be suffering from a nervous breakdown. The prolific director and cinematographer stopped on the red carpet to explain how he envisions the future of movies.

Steven Soderbergh was always obsessed with the techniques of making movies, sometimes more than with the story of the movie itself.

For Soderbergh, it seems, everything is about the form of the film, and not themes and ideas that it can transmit to other people.

He is always trying to see far into the future of cinema, and to find out new ways of making movies.

Soderbergh was one of the first filmmakers that was an avid user of digital cameras, and now he is using even simpler devices.

IPhones. That is right, Steven Soderbergh thinks that an iPhone is everything you need to make a good movie.

His fresh movie Unsane (2018) was shot completely with an iPhone camera. Unsane (2018) is also Soderbergh's first horror movie. It tells the story of a young woman who is involuntarily committed to a mental institution where she is confronted by her greatest fear. The question is whether that fear is real or a delusion?

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  1. simon
    genius ! ! !
  2. faria
    of course is about the form, that's why soderbergh is a good director!
  3. ABHA
    the best director!

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