Idris Elba tells us all about his directorial debut 'Yardie'

'Yardie' is a new crime movie based on a novel written in 1993, and it marks the directorial debut from actor Idris Elba, who felt a very close connection to the story.

Idris Elba is a movie director now!

His directorial debut just came out and it's called Yardie (2018). The movie has been written for the screen by Martin Stellman and Brock Norman Brock, and it was based on a novel by Victor Headley.

Yardie (2018) tells the story about D, a courier carrying cocaine from Jamaica to London. He decides to do it alone and disappears into the mean streets of Hackney. But, his treachery will never be forgotten, or forgiven.

Yardie is a brutal novel, but Idris Elba thinks that he managed to adapt it in a way that it is more about human beings, than about crime and violence of life.

D is portrayed by Aml Ameen, and other stars of the movie are Stephen Graham, Mark Rhino Smith, Akin Gazi and Fraser James.

Yardie (2018) premiered on January 20, and it was shown at the Berlin International Film Festival.

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