Margot Robbie will star in 'Dangerous Odds'

Margot Robbie has found a company to finance her upcoming movie 'Dangerous Odds', in which she plays a cleaning lady-turned-illegal sports betting empire boss Marisa Lankester.

Marisa J. Lankester is one of the most interesting women on the planet, and her memoirs are there to prove that.

Dangerous Odds is the name of her autobiography. The book follows Lankester's life, from her childhood in New York City, to her post-graduate years in Vancouver, Canada.

While she was studying, Lankester led one of the largest illegal sports betting operations in the United States history.

She was arrested twice - in Los Angeles and in Dominican Republic, but is now leading a relaxed life in Switzerland.

About three years ago, movie producers began eyeing Lankester's book Dangerous Odds for a possible film adaptation.

There is not too much information about the movie, but it seems that Margot Robbie managed to organize the whole thing.

She will portray Marisa in the movie, and she will be one of the producers as well!

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  1. kattie
    started counting....
  2. vanessa
    can't wait to see this!
  3. Africa
    beautiful margot <3
  4. offen
    Margot is a killer!
  5. ivan
    margot, after Tonya, I will watch everything u do!

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