John Krasinski set to direct a sci-fi thriller

Actor and filmmaker John Krasinski is re-teaming with the producers on his surprise horror hit 'A Quiet Place' for a science-fiction thriller. The terrifying movie, in which he also stars alongside his wife Emily Blunt, has proved a major hit, earning more than $50 million in North America over its opening weekend.

A Quiet Place (2018) raised a big fuss at the box office, and the critics just adore this horror-thriller, about a family that is forced to live in silence, while hiding from creatures that hunt by sound.

John Krasinski is a director, co-writer and one of the stars of A Quiet Place (2018), and he will use the popularity of the movie to have even more creative freedom in his next efforts.

For now, we only know that Krasinski is eyeing a sci-fi flick called Life on Mars, and that he will begin with the shooting soon.

He is currently producing and acting in the upcoming TV series Jack Ryan (2018), based on Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan novels, about a CIA agent battling terrorist threat.

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