'A Quiet Place' film review

For this movie report we're taking a look at 'A Quiet Place'.

There is no way that you don't have a clue about this movie! If you ARE clueless, then, please, click on the video above, and find out all about it! Or read this article, because this great film surely deservers your attention!

A Quiet Place (2018) is the pet project of John Krasinski, as he co-wrote it, directed it, and he starred in it!

Scott Beck and Bryan Woods also co-wrote the script for A Quiet Place (2018), a movie about a family who is forced to live in silence while hiding from creatures that hunt by sound.

Emily Blunt co-stars in A Quiet Place (2018), alongside young cast of two young actors and an actress: Millicent Simmonds, Noah Jupe and Cade Woodward.

So, if you are into horror/thrillers about the end of the earth, check it out!

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