James Cameron doesn't stand Marvel movies

Filmmaker James Cameron is counting on cinema-goers soon experiencing Avenger fatigue as he is fed up of the Marvel superhero movies. The Oscar-winning director admits he is weary of the sheer volume of comic book adaptations currently being released with the majority all revolving around male egos.

James Cameron is the ground breaking director, that has made Hollywood history more than once.

His film Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) was a sci-fi action hit, that moved the limits of the genre. With Titanic (1997) Cameron showed us that big melodramatic stories are not dated. And his Avatar (2009) was groundbreaking in terms of technology and directing.

Cameron is currently occupied with the production and writing his new movies: four Avatar sequels and Terminator reboot.

He is keeping a track of the modern day production, even though he hardly has time to take a break.

James is not happy with the state of A-list blockbusters. He thinks that Marvel is just making movies out of the assembly line, that do not posses hearth, good story or deep characters.

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