Kylie Minogue deleted some tracks from her new album for being 'too country'

Kylie Minogue has ditched certain songs from her new album as they sounded too country. 'Golden' is Kylie's latest offering and marks the Australian singer's 14th studio album. While she's kept to her pop roots, Kylie has added a country edge to the songs, though the 49-year-old admits she went overboard on some of the tracks she recorded while in Nashville, Tennessee.

About a month ago, the pop-diva Kylie Minogue released her 14th studio album, titled Golden.

Kylie was influenced by country and dance music, working on Golden, but she says that country influenced her too much. At the end, she had to drop some of the songs, because they sounded too country for her taste.

Produced by Minogue herself, and Ash Howes, Richard Biff Stannard, Sky Adams, Lindsay Rimes, Jesse Frasure, Jon Green, Alex Smith, Mark Taylor, Eg White, Samuel Dixon and Charlie Russel, Golden features 12 tracks.

Only the last track Music's Too Sad Without You has a guest star on it - Jack Savoretti, a young acoustic singer from England.

Minogue did a small tour in March, to present her new album, but she is preparing the much bigger tour, that will start on September 18, and end on October 8, 2018.

Find out more about Golden album, and click on the video above!

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  1. henry
    Kylie Minogue <3
  2. qwerxy
    Kylies voice is so annoying ... her music is just awful
  3. fanny
    too country ??? i'm suprised

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