Kendrick Lamar wins Pulitzer!

Kendrick Lamar is officially a Pulitzer Prize winner, thanks to his fourth studio album 'DAMN', which was released almost exactly a year ago. It's the first win for a non-classical or jazz musician, since the awards began including music 75 years ago.

Kendrick Lamar made some hip hop history by releasing DAMN last year, but he is now breaking another historic dogma.

His avant-garde studio effort DAMN made him the first non-classical non-jazz Pulitzer Prize winner for music!

The Pulitzer board said this about the album: A virtuosic song collection unified by its vernacular authenticity and rhythmic dynamism that offers affecting vignettes capturing the complexity of modern African-American life.

Leave the Pulitzer Prize board members to suck out the fun from the crazy rap album, right?

Well, maybe they are boring, but they know good music when they hear it! So, check out this video and find out more!

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