Katy Perry + Orlando Bloom: Part III

Katy Perry jetted to London to see her boyfriend Orlando Bloom in his new West End play. The 33-year-old singer squeezed the whirlwind romantic trip into her busy schedule to make sure she was in the audience for her beau's performance in the revival of Tracy Letts' play 'Killer Joe', which opened recently.

Yeah, it's official for days now - Orland Bloom and Katy Perry are together again, and they are happy as a couple can be.

Even though they are both very busy people with different schedules, the two manage to be together from time to time.

Perry made an effort and went to the premiere of Bloom's new theatre performance in the production of popular play Killer Joe.

Killer Joe is a American Southern Gothic black comedy/crime play about a hit man named Killer Joe, who is hired by the family to murder the matriarch for insurance money.


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  1. Pathra
    Yawn ...
  2. ernesto
  3. dude1256YO
    are they dating or not, wtf ....
  4. omegalul
    they are so cute lol ^^
  5. vanacity
    waht is going on with this two ....
  6. Ivona
    i'm sick of Katy Perry ...
  7. kim
    Katy Perry is such drama queen, hungry for more attention...

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