Taylor Swift's house was under a siege!

A homeless man has been arrested for trespassing at Taylor Swift's pad in Beverly Hills. The unnamed guy was caught trying to scale a wall at the singer's estate, and her security team gave him multiple warnings to get down before they called the police.

Taylor Swift is all over the news, and gossip sections of every celeb website on the planet is overloaded with her name.

Why, you ask?

Because she is one of the hottest acts right now, that's why!

Nowadays, she is transforming ticket selling method for her gigs, making it more similar to the system that airlines use. Example: if you want to buy a ticket for her concert, it will cost you around a 1000 bucks. But, if you have bought that same ticket three months ago, you have had to spent only 500 dollars for it.

Also, Taylor is helping in any way she can to promote her baby brother, an actor Austin Swift. He is the 26-year-old aspiring actor who has some notable roles in movies such as Live by Night (2016), I. T. (2016) and Cover Versions (2018).

And last but not the least - Taylor Swift's house was under attack. Some man tried to jump over the wall of her mansion, but was stopped by the security and police.

Find out more about it, in the video above!

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