Eminem celebrates his sobriety with fans

Rap superstar Eminem is celebrating a decade of sobriety. The 'Lose Yourself' MC took to Twitter to share his achievement with fans, after marking the milestone.

The famous rapper from Detroit, Michigan, celebrates a really important milestone today - he is sober for 10 years now.

Eminem had a rough childhood, and growing up in bad neighborhoods of Detroit, Savannah, St. Joseph and Kansas City made him into one of the best rappers on the planet.

Growing up like that maybe gave him the edge, but it gave him a whole lot of troubles as well.

Broken home, unstable relationships, problems with his ex-wife, battling custody over his child...

Eminem was soon caught in the whirlpool of alcoholism and substance abuse, that is so common for troubled and famous people.

Luckily, he managed to escape such a lifestyle, and today he is free from the shackles of the addiction.

So, use this unique opportunity, and wish him all the best, in the comments below!

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  1. Lamar
    Keep it up man!!!! Cheers

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