Ariana Grande and Mac Miller are history

Ariana Grande has reportedly called it quits with her boyfriend Mac Miller, after more than a year and a half together.

Two years ago, superstar singer Ariana Grande and famous rapper Mac Miller started dating.

Sadly, just the other day, Grande confirmed that she and Miller are no longer in a relationship.

She said, though, that they remained friends and that they love each other still, but they will try to find romance elsewhere.

Miller/Grande relationship was a very private one, which is strange, due to a fact that they are both famous, always appearing together on parties, red carpet events and other social gatherings.

At one point, the celeb world was shaking from rumors about their engagement. But, it seems that all those plans are history now.

Find out more about their breakup, and click on the video above.

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  1. Juliana
    who really cares...
  2. furio
    Probably she was not ready for another step...
  3. Feexor
    finally she made good decision!
  4. Regina
    omg no way!!!

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