Justin Theroux ready to start dating again

Justin Theroux is reportedly ready to start dating again, after his divorce from Jennifer Aniston.

In late February 2018, the famous actress Jennifer Aniston split from her husband Justin Theroux.

The super couple Aniston+Theroux married in 2015, after they dated for five years.

We were covered in gossip slime for months, speculating all kinds of scenarios why these two have ended their marriage.

Some still believe that Aniston's first husband - Brad Pitt - had something to do about it, because he is a recent free lancer as well.

The latest rumor has it that Theroux is now allegedly seeing the Canadian artist Petra Collins, and that he is just mad about her.

Collins is the 25-year-old photographer, and Theroux and her are still claiming that they are just friends, even though nobody believes them.

Theroux was also seen, leaving the 2018 Met Gala with the young star Emma Stone, and they are currently on a vacation in the South of France!

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  1. Faith
    Justin Theroux <3
  2. Mike
    like we really care is he ready or not :D
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    cool story bro ...
  4. mood
    good for him ... yawn ...
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