James Franco is not nominated for an Oscar, and he is happy about it

Although he won a Golden Globe for acting this year, James Franco and his movie 'The Disaster Artist' were completely left out of the Academy Awards, but unlike you might think, James is actually a little relieved.

Some of this year's biggest disappointments of the upcoming 90th Academy Awards show is the lack of certain people, amongst the nominees.

Emma Stone, Jessica Chastain, Tom Hanks, and Steven Spielberg have been left without their Oscar nominations, and they did a great job in the year 2017, filming fantastic movies such as The Post (2017), Molly's Game (2017), Battle of the Sexes (2017)...

But there is one more snub that made us wonder what the hell were they thinking, at the voting table.

James Franco and his great biopic The Disaster Artists (2017) were left out of nominations for Best Picture and Best Actor.

The Disaster Artist (2017) is a movie about the movie director and actor Tommy Wiseau, and his infamous movie Room (2003).

Franco played Wiseau in the movie, and he also directed The Disaster Artist (2017). James got the Golden Globe award for acting, and the movie was nominated for Best Motion Picture, at the Golden Globes.

But, at the Oscars, only Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber - who wrote the script for The Disaster Artist (2017) - made it to the Oscar polls.

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