Justin Timberlake doesn't want 'NSYNC' members at the Super Bowl

Justin Timberlake has slammed the door shut on an 'NSYNC reunion at the Super Bowl, insisting his backing band will be his special guests.

Justin Timberlake will be your half-time performer at this year's Super Bowl. This will be Timberlake's second gig at the Super Bowl, first one ending with an incident.

It all happened in Houston, Texas, on February 1, 2004, during the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime-show.

The whole incident was referred to as Nipplegate in the media, as it involved Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson and a nipple!

That incident is considered to be the most controversial television and media event to occur within popular culture. Jackson was even regarded as one of the most controversial musicians, as her bare nipple - covered only with a small metal star - effected censorship and broadcasting entertainment.

It is called an incident still, but many commentators are convinced that the whole thing was planned long before the show, and that it was all a part of it.

This year, Timberlake was told to play it kids friendly and he promised that he will behave. Timberlake, also, will not have any guest stars with him on stage, not even his co-singers from the NSYNC.


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