Quentin Tarantino comes clean about Uma Thurman's story

Director Quentin Tarantino has responded to Uma Thurman's claims of misconduct against him and Harvey Weinstein, and he's explained that he was aware that she was going to come forward and share some serious allegations.

Finally, we have some news from the culprit himself!

Just the other week, the famous actress Uma Thurman opened up about her misadventures with one of the most important contemporary film directors Quentin Tarantino.

Thurman, of course, didn't have any nice words for him, and his behavior on the set of the first Kill Bill movie.

She said that Tarantino ordered her to drive a car and crash it, even though she didn't want it to, and it was too dangerous.

Also, his best buddy and producer Harvey Weinstein made a move on her as well, sexually assaulting her repeatedly.

Now, it was time for Tarantino to make a statement about the whole deal, and you can find out what he has to say, if you click the video above!

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