Katy Perry wants to be emotionally mature before she starts a family

Katy Perry has been working on building herself up emotionally before she thinks about having a family. The singer released her most recent album 'Witness' in the middle of 2017, and in a new interview with admitted that she struggles with self-esteem after experiencing a couple of disappointing years.

It is almost impossible to believe that someone like Katy Perry has a self-esteem issues, but that is how it is.

The famous singer/songwriter says that she is not feeling ready yet to start a family of her own, because she is not emotionally mature at the moment, for a huge step like that.

With five albums, four successful world tours and more than five movies in her resume, Perry could surely take a break and be glad of her accomplishments.

Her latest album Witness is doing well, still, even though it was released on June 9, 2017.

Perry didn't went on a tour to promote her album, but instead of traveling around the globe, she has used YouTube to reach her fans around the world.

Katy Perry Live: Witness World Wide was a four day event on YouTube. In the style of Big Brother show, cameras were filming Perry wherever she went, while promoting Witness.

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