Jennifer Lawrence has a strange sense of humor

Jennifer Lawrence has joked she wants to have her sense of humour surgically removed because her quips keep getting her into trouble.

Jennifer Lawrence thinks her humor is strange, and that people don't understand it, so she wants to get it out of her system, by surgically removing it!

Well, that is obviously another quirky joke, coming from the 27-year-old super-actress that is all around the news these days.

Lawrence is currently promoting her fresh movie Red Sparrow (2018).

She has managed to enrage a bunch of women's rights activists by appearing on the red carpet, wearing almost nothing. Lawrence then told to the media that she was feeling liberated, by being naked in front of the crew of Red Sparrow (2018). And yesterday we found out that Lawrence even managed to have an awkward situation with the director of the movie Francis Lawrence, because he had to choose her underwear!

Red Sparrow (2018) is spy-thriller movie, about Russian spies and it is full of twists and turns, and, of course, of Jennifer Lawrence and her amazing body.

Red Sparrow (2018) will premiere on March 2, so be prepared for it!

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  1. luca
    aaaaaaa pleaseeee can' watch this stupidity!
  2. gossip
    hate her!
  3. gossip
    hate her!
  4. Africa
    leave jennifer alone, what's so wrong with the things she sad/done?
  5. offen
    Lawrence, please shut up!
  6. ivan
    xaxaxaxxa crazy!

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