Selena Gomez is brave for showing us her scars!

Selena Gomez is too proud of her strong post-surgery body to take criticism about her recent bikini pictures to heart. The singer and actress was snapped soaking up the sun in Sydney, Australia while sporting an orange and black two-piece that put the scars from her 2017 kidney transplant operation on full display.

Selena Gomez is suffering from the auto-immune disease lupus, and she had to undergo a kidney transplant, in early 2017.

The operation went well, and the young singer is all right now, feeling great and working in studio, enjoying with her new/old boyfriend Justin Bieber, and spending some time relaxing on her yacht.

Selena Gomez was sunbathing in her orange/black bikini, when the pesky paparazzi started to take pictures of her.

She tried to cover her operation scar, but with little success, because they managed to snap a pic of it.

Even though Gomez herself posted a post-op pictures of the scar, many of always-ready internet trolls used this opportunity and attacked the young star with all kinds of stupid comments about her operation scar.

Gomez was cool about it, brushing the haters off in a sec!

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