Kevin Hart has a billion-dollar plan in his pocket!

Kevin Hart has laid out his plan to become a billionaire by the age of 45 as he transforms into a true Hollywood mogul.

The multitalented star is already a comedian, producer, writer and content creator (whatever the hell that is!).

Hart is showing no signs of slowing down. In a recent speech Hart explained that his intense drive to succeed comes from his mother.

Once he was a kid the funny-man reminisced that his momma told him that he has a choice to make: to be great, or not to be great.

Ever since he pushed himself to be the best at everything he does.

Kevin Hart revealed that he sees himself as a franchise, rather than a working actor for hire.

In particular he mentioned his admiration to what Tyler Perry has achieved. Hart said that most of the Black Panther (2018) was fillmed in Perry's studio in Atlanta.

Hart hopes that he would be in a position similar to Tyler's - that he could get a younger generation what he never had.

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