Beyonce is fighting a hard battle to bring drinking water to Africa

Beyonce has recently partnered with Gucci and UNICEF to work on bringing accessible drinking water to the people of the African nation of Burundi.

It's World Water Day, and Beyonce and Gucci are teaming up to make sure everyone has clean water.

On Thursday, the team announced a partnership to bring clean water to the African country of Burundi, where almost half the population cannot access it.

In honor of the freshwater awareness day, Gucci donated one million dollars to Beyonce's BeyGood4Burundi initiative, which she founded last year with UNICEF.

The objective of that initiative is to help bring safe water to the most vulnerable women and children in Africa.

Gucci's donation will help construct 80 wells that will provide clean water to more than 120 000 people!

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