Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have marriage problems. Not!

Ryan Reynolds poked fun at reports his marriage to Blake Lively was in trouble after it was claimed they were on the rocks. The 41-year-old shared an article that alleged that he and wife Blake were struggling to spend quality time together.

We live in the world of rumors, and every now and then gossip turns out to be true, but most of the time it is just gibberish produced to make false headlines that sell various tabloids.

That was the case with Ryan Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively.

Some days ago, the word started to spread that those two have some marriage troubles that they cannot work out.

The smut media went crazy, because Lively and Reynolds are one of the most beloved super-couples. They are also one of those couples that are always together, supporting each other in every way possible.

So, it was strange to find out that Reynolds and Lively have any problems in their happy home.

The two were silent about those rumors, but, at the end, Reynolds decided to answer the hungry media - Deadpool style.

Find out what he tweeted in a response to the gossip, and click on the video above!

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