Jon Hamm tells his darkest secrets!

In a recent interview, Jon Hamm has finally opened up about a couple of naughty incidents in his past.

With more than 80 television series and movies behind his back, Jon Hamm is a true resident of Hollywood, being known for his dark hair, green eyes and deep stern voice that can hypnotize any TV/film viewer!

Hamm became famous for his role of Don Draper in the hit TV series Mad Men (2007-2015), and he continued to amaze us with excellent performances in great movies such as The Town (2010), Million Dollar Arm (2014), Baby Driver (2017) and most recently Beirut (2018).

This 47-year-old from St. Louis has two Golden Globes, that he has won for his role of Don Draper. He was nominated for the Golden Globes, for the same role, four more times!

Jon Hamm had a naughty past, and you can find out all about it, in the video above!

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