T.J. Miller's prank got out of hand

Actor T.J. Miller has been arrested by federal law enforcement authorities after making a 911 call of a false bomb threat from a train. According to a press release, the actor made the call back in March. He apparently saw a female passenger hide a bomb in her bag on the train, which he was on.

Was this all a joke? And if so, is it possible that the grown man was thinking that it was a very good, smart one?

We will find out soon enough. For now, we only know that Miller was released on a 100 000 dollar bond.

He was arrested in New York, on Monday, after he called the police and said there was a bomb on a train.

He was on Amtrak Train 2256, traveling from Washington, D.C., and Miller told the police that he saw a woman carrying a bomb.

After the police have searched the train, and found nothing, the whole situation was clear and Miller was arrested.

The Silicone Valley star could face up to 5 years imprisonment if he is found guilty of intentionally conveying to law enforcement false information about an explosive device.

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