Thandie Newton is not happy about 'Time's Up' movement

Thandie Newton has dissed the Time's Up movement, claiming that she was not invited to take part when the initiative was being put together.

Famous for her roles in movies such as Mission: Impossible II (2000), Crash (2004), 2012 (2009), and most recently Gringo (2018) this 45-year-old actress debuted in Flirting (1991).

She appeared in popular television shows such as ER (2003-2009) and The Slap (2015). Thandie is one of the leading actresses of the ever so popular TV series Westworld (2016-2018).

Newton told the media that she is glad that she could become a part of such a series, because of her real-life experience. Allegedly, one director was showing a video of her early audition, that is very sexual in nature.

For this, Newton tried to become a part of Time's Up movement, but with no luck, because she, as she said it herself, wasn't hot enough.

Basically, Newton was not the mainstream actress at the time that the movement was forming, and she is still excluded from it, even though she shares the terrible story of other abused women of Hollywood.

Hear her out, and find out more, in the video above!

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